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There are major shifts happening in the HVAC industry. With more access to renewable energy sources, residents of Tompkins County are looking everywhere for high-efficiency, heat pump systems that work well. The engineers at NP Environmental have what it takes to install and maintain your next geothermal or air source heat pump system.

  • Staffed internally by experts
  • A company-wide focus on the customer
  • Transparent pricing

We’re staffed with licensed and certified engineers, and our experience with these kinds of high-tech HVAC systems spans decades. Minimize risk by working with the team that cares the most about your needs.

Schedule a consultation today with NP Environmental, Utica, NY’s trusted and transparent heat pump authority.

An Engineer’s Perspective

We like telling customers that our company is staffed full of engineers rather than technicians–and it’s true! As engineers, we take a top-down approach to everything, designing customer home comfort systems that work for unique customer needs and budgets.

We’re up for every challenge and we have the ability to solve even the most complex problems when it comes to energy efficiency, temperature control, indoor air quality, and even water heating.

A Focus on the Customer

We want one thing to remain clear through all our promises–we never stop focusing on the customer. We’ll work with your needs and preferences, no matter what they are, because that’s what a truly great team would do.

Our company doesn’t staff sales persons, and we certainly don’t push products on customers that don’t need them. Instead, we hire highly skilled engineers to design customer solutions for all customers, with satisfaction being the ultimate goal. We put precision and craftsmanship above all else.

Solutions Today That Last for Tomorrow

Many HVAC professionals will sell you powerful heating systems that guzzle gas or oil on the promise that those costs will remain cheap over time. The truth is that these prices can change a lot, and sometimes they even depend on international markets. This is why high-efficiency electrical HVAC systems such as heat pumps are becoming more popular.

Our team specializes in this technology, not just because it’s energy efficient and great for keeping a home comfortable year round, but because they’re worth the investment. A geothermal HVAC system has components that will last decades and will only get more affordable to run over time. These systems work great today, and they’ll last well into the future.

Proud Customer Testimonials

We had NPE install a Mitsubishi ASHP system last September and were very impressed with the entire company. Great company to work with!

- Bob B.

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