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Variable Refrigerant Flow in Utica, NY

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Variable Refrigerant Flow, also known as VRF systems, are inverter air conditioners that can cool the air in your home at hyper-efficient levels. Gain this level of energy efficiency, comfort, and more by working with the experts at NP Environmental in Utica, NY.

  • A team of engineers
  • Staffed internally by experts
  • A company-wide focus on the customer

When it comes to residential air conditioning, energy efficiency is a main priority, and VRF systems are as efficient as a conventional system can get.

Start your VRF journey with the experts at NP Environmental today!


VRF Installation

Begin your Variable Refrigerant Flow installation by working with our team. We can calculate the load in your home accurately, and provide the entire setup with transparent pricing. Our VRF installation comes with the promise that your home will be comfortable afterward.

VRF Replacement

Just like other air conditioning technology, Variable Refrigerant Flow systems last an average of 10-15 years before they can run into serious complications. Our team specializes in VRF replacement for customers in the Utica, NY area.

VRF Repair

We provide fast and effective VRF repairs as well as yearly VRF maintenance appointments for customers who are trying to stay ahead of the curve. You can rely on our handy team of engineers and experts in Utica, NY to do the trick.

Proud Customer Testimonials

Very happy with their work for installing a geothermal heat pump system. The NP crew under Andy was super to work with, kind, courteous and careful.

- Bruce E.

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