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Hydronic Heat Pumps in Utica, NY

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It’s no surprise that people use water to keep their homes comfortable in Utica, NY. Water has a high specific heat and is incredible at efficiently keeping spaces warm. Work with NP Environmental to have your very own hydronic heat pump installed or maintained.

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We specialize in high-tech heat pump technology, providing customized home comfort solutions that are extremely efficient to homeowners of all budgets. Get in touch with us if you’re ready for a hydronic heat pump system.

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How Hydronic Heat Pumps Work

Conventional heating equipment heats the air using gas burners, oil burners, or even electric resistance. This is an energy intensive process, which can get very expensive when cold winter temperatures reach the negatives. How do we solve this problem?

Hydronic heat pumps are like boiler systems, but instead of using conventional fuel sources like gas or oil to heat the water, they use electricity and the ambient heat in the air to heat up water in your home. These systems can be a great way to have a cozy home in the winter, without burning fossil fuels or using excess energy.

Efficiency and Comfort

Hydronic heat pumps are both efficient and comfortable. They don’t require very much electricity because they only move heat from one location to another.

Hydronic heat pumps are also incredibly comfortable because the water radiates heat throughout your home, giving you the cozy feeling of having a boiler, with less of a monthly cost.

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You need to schedule an appointment with a team of professionals in order for this work to go right. Our team provides hydronic heat pump installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement for customers that need them in Utica, NY. Don’t hesitate to call us today!

Proud Customer Testimonials

I had NP install my unit, and after only 3 years it quit unexpectedly. They did not charge me for any of it. GREAT customer service.

- Krystin HD.

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