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For many of our customers in Utica, NY, they need more than just solutions and services. In order for people to make more energy-efficient and profitable decisions, they need to have access to accurate information. NP Environmental can be your heat pump authority!

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This page is designed to help customers and newcomers to uncover some of the great benefits that come from geothermal and air source heat pump systems.

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How often should I change out my air filter?

It’s a good idea to change your air filter every 1-3 months.

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Why are heat pumps more efficient than furnaces or boilers?

Heat pumps function similarly to air conditioners by moving heat from one place to another. Furnaces and boilers create heat by burning fuel or using electric resistance, which is not as efficient of a process.

This means that a heat pump will use less electricity over time for equal amounts of temperature in your home on a yearly basis.

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What tax credits and rebates are available to me and my family?

The tax credits and rebates available to you will depend on many factors. Different local governments offer incentives, as well as the State of New York and the federal government. These incentives also depend on your income, which is why our team will help you find the right incentive that you can apply for that will yield the best results.

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What if I don’t have air ducts?

For many unconventional homes, old homes, or new homes, a ductless heat pump is the perfect solution. These systems only use air handlers that can be mounted on your wall, ceiling, or floor, meaning they pump air directly into your home through the machine itself.

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How long will my heat pump last?

Heat pumps that are well maintained can last between 10-15 years before they run into serious problems. Components can reach the end of their lifespan and start to degrade beyond where they’re cost-effective to keep replacing. At that point, it’s a good idea to think about a full system replacement.

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How many repairs are too many?

If you’re repairing your HVAC system multiple times a year, then it’s probably in dire need of a replacement. Keep in mind that heat pumps only last between 10-15 years before the components can start to fail.

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Why are my energy bills so high?

There are many reasons why energy bills can be high. It can be due to municipal electricity costs rising which has happened throughout the country, but it can also be due to other factors that are under your control.

Neglected HVAC equipment and air ducts can cause efficiency problems. Make sure you invest in repairs and yearly maintenance to ensure everything is working at peak performance.

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How do I keep my home efficient?

This is a great question. Here are a few tips to get started.

  • Keep windows, doors, and openings to your home closed and sealed to keep air conditioning or heating inside. This insulation will impact your home’s efficiency heavily.

  • Change the air filter on a regular basis to ensure maximum airflow to your HVAC system.

  • Get your HVAC system maintained. Maintenance can improve your efficiency, and at least keep efficiency levels high throughout the entire lifespan of your system.

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I had NP install my unit, and after only 3 years it quit unexpectedly. They did not charge me for any of it. GREAT customer service.

- Krystin HD.

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