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Air Source Heat Pumps in Utica, NY

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Air source heat pumps are the most common and popular heat pump systems available. They’re perfect for families on a budget who want an eco-friendly HVAC solution. Here’s why you should start your air source heat pump journey with NP Environmental:

  • Staffed internally by experts
  • A company-wide focus on the customer
  • Transparent pricing

We’re clear with our pricing models and we only provide services that our customers agree upon. This means you get absolute transparency and a great experience from start to finish.

Schedule a consultation today with NP Environmental, the air source heat pump experts of Utica, NY.


Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air source heat pump installations are extremely energy efficient when compared to conventional heating methods like gas boilers or furnaces. They can run 200-300% more efficiently using only electricity, being more eco-friendly and saving you money in the long run. These systems have an amazing track record for keeping people comfortable throughout the entire year.

Air Source Heat Pump Repair

Need a timely repair for your heat pump? We can help. Our team is staffed full of heat pump experts that can provide reliable air source heat pump repairs, as well as yearly air source heat pump maintenance appointments that keep things running smoothly.

Air Source Heat Pump Replacement

Air source heat pumps can last up to 15 years before they start showing signs of wear and tear. These signs could be noticeable occurances like a diminishing efficiency level, strange noises, or constant breakdowns and repairs. Schedule air source heat pump replacement with our experts in Utica, NY to avoid this.

Proud Customer Testimonials

I couldn’t have had a better experience with NPE. I love my new Mitsubishi heating and cooling system. I recommend NPE highly to anyone looking.

- Clementine P.

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