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Nicholas Pryputniewicz

Nicholas Pryputniewicz


A passion for everything mechanical, the environment and an acute sense of business led to the formation of NP Environmental in 2004. A MET from RIT came in handy to utilize all the tools. Nick enjoys the outdoors as much as he enjoys heating and cooling the indoors. Not to mention that he still races snowmobiles!!

Junell  Pryputniewicz

Junell Pryputniewicz


The pillar in the family and in the family business. Her knowledge of finance and accounting has kept the business growing and thriving for the last 19 plus years. She has combined experience of 21 plus years in the industry.

Staff Member

Rajul Sharma


Mechanical engineer armed with an MBA from RIT and a deep desire to learn everything about heat pumps. A journey that started 10 years ago with co-op is now at the VP of the company and still has miles to go.

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Andrew Havens

Operations Manager

A guru of the job site. Andrew has the unique gift of teaching which makes him the best trainer and trouble-shooter within the company. He has been with us 12 years and is the aorta of the operations.

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Stephen Allen

Operations Engineer

After having 30+ years of experience in operations, words like diligence and meticulous do not do justice to our operations engineer. He truly embodies the proverbial “backbone” of our company.

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Kevin Segit

Field Engineer / Sales Engineer

A soft spoken, avid listener, in a world of distractions, Kevin’s advice is taken as gospel truth by his customers. Ever helping and ever ready to deliver. Kevin truly represents the spirit of our company.

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Trisha Kellogg

Service / Sales Coordinator

She is quite literally the sound of NP. First one to respond to any service issue with zero error rate. A complete dedication to customer service and education. She is a one woman army.

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James Doxtader

Service Lead

A true problem solver with a “never give up” attitude. He is the legs on which our service department runs. He coaches football and is a true community contributor.

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Andy Gillette

Production Lead

With his zen-like presence, he is the figure of calm in chaos of production. A born teacher and mentor, he is the source of learning for all the new recurits within NP. A steady mover who always delivers perfection. He has the ability to pick a flea off your back with an excavator! and the only one who can surpass nick’s snowmobile on the tracks!!

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Nicholas Calabrese

Production Lead

He is rapidly working toward the TOP GUN in production within NP. Started with the service team and has now quickly graduated to become the lead production engineer. A degree holder in renewable energy from Morrisville, diligent worker with the utmost dedication towards customer service. All in all, he is a star!

Staff Member

David Pryputniewicz

Production Lead

With 50+ years in construction there is nothing he has not done and no problem that he has not solved. He is a true asset to our team.

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Brendan Jaeger

Assembly Technician

Expert in converting engineers' vision into reality. Brendan is one those rare technicians who has the ability to convert 2D to 3D with minimal support. He is the support team for the guys on site, he is responsible for making their life easy, no small feat.

Staff Member

Billy Loadwick

Production Technician

A true team player with can do attitude. Billy is an asset to the exterior team. His expertise in moving earth is second to none. He enjoys outdoors and is an expert marksman!

Staff Member

Jacob Wratten

Production Technician

A restless soul who thrives on challenges and is always looking to help and improve. He embodies the NP spirit, customers love him and he is an expert at what he does. A loving father, Jacob, enjoys his time in the pool!

Staff Member

Gerald Seelman

Production Technician

With 50+ years in experience, Jerry is second to none when it comes to production. A jack of trades and master of some, he is a one man army in more ways that one.

Thomas Carnright

Production Technician

A true team player, he is part of apparatus which makes NP agile enough to take on any challenge on any site. The challenges that he faces changes from day to day, however, what does not change is his ability to rise to them and overcome them everyday.

Robert Willams

A man who truly embodies the phrase “man of many trades” . He is has been with the company from day one and has worked in all the departments within compan from production to sales! An avid brid lover, with a disarming personality which bring a unique human side to everything he does.

Staff Member

Zachary Maher

Design Engineer

He is the man who gives shape to the design of our field engineers. A very crucial cog of our machinery, he is someone to excels at what he does. A champion tetris player he is someone who thinks, lives and breaths design.

Staff Member

Anthony Tsardakas

Warehouse Manager

This man is the supply chain for NP, he is responsible to supply all the materials to the front lines. An avid learner, anthony is someone who does not rest till the job is done.

Timothy McGregor

Production/Warehouse Specialist

A methodical Operator with exceptional attention to detail. He works behind the scenes to ensure that the NP Machine keeps delivering efficiently.

Proud Customer Testimonials

We had NP environmental install our geothermal heating and cooling system. These projects are complex and time consuming, NP environmental was a great partner.

- Adam S.

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