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Geothermal Installation in Utica, NY

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Your journey to high-tech and extremely efficient geothermal starts with installation. Only a licensed and qualified team, like the experts at NP Environmental, should be allowed to design and install a geothermal system on your property. Here’s why we’re the team to choose:

  • A company-wide focus on the customer
  • Transparent pricing
  • We thoroughly enjoy what we do!

We’re Utica, NY’s premier geothermal installation company, helping customers get the most out of their home comfort and budgets with tax credits, rebates, promotions, and more.

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Four Types of Geothermal Installations

Every geothermal installation starts with a consultation and a load calculation. Once we’ve figured out the size and design of your home, we can install one of the following geothermal systems that fit your home and needs.

  • Horizontal Loop. Horizontal loop systems are the most affordable geothermal heat pumps to install.  Typically they are used for residential or light commercial applications.
  • Vertical Loop. Vertical loop systems are deeper and more expensive to install, but they’re overall more efficient and better for buildings with a smaller lot size.
  • Lake System. Lake systems are an extremely cost-effective type of geothermal unit for homes located near a pond or a lake. The pipes run through the lake, using the ambient water temperature as a heat sink.
  • Open System. Open-loop systems are more affordable than the aforementioned closed-loop systems, and they rely on a local aquifer to provide water to the heating elements. These systems depend on your natural and municipal water access.

Choosing the Right Professional Team

You won’t get very far trying to install a geothermal system on your own. These units are extremely complex and the components are too expensive to risk breaking with poor training.

Our team is reliable, with IGSHPA and BPI certifications, as well as an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Check out some of our reviews and ask our knowledgeable technicians about their experience in the industry. We promise that for your next geothermal installation in Utica, NY, you’ll get a team of engineers who really know what they’re doing.

Proud Customer Testimonials

I had NP install my unit, and after only 3 years it quit unexpectedly. They did not charge me for any of it. GREAT customer service.

- Krystin HD.

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