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UV Lights in Utica, NY

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UV lights are the easiest and most affordable way to eliminate biological contaminants in your home. The engineers at NP Environmental can get you set up with a UV light purifier at the lowest cost possible, ensuring your house stays safe and clean.

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Not every HVAC team can confidently say that they enjoy the work they do. We absolutely love our customers, our neighborhood, and the technology we use.

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The Benefits of UV Germicidal Lights

UV lights are amazing at providing a more comfortable and safer environment for families that want to steer clear of biological contaminants. Here are a few benefits they provide.

  • Eliminate bacteria and viruses altogether. The UV light irradiates virus and bacteria cells, rendering them harmless and ready to be cleaned up by conventional cleaning supplies.
  • Stop mold infestations. Mold spores get stopped in their tracks by UV lights, halting mold infestations from multiplying or growing in your home.
  • Improve the scent of your air. Air purifiers noticeably improve the overall scent and feeling of your home by eliminating bacteria that produce foul odors.

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How Ultraviolet Germicidal Lights Work

UV lights work by harnessing the ultraviolet light of the sun to irradiate single-celled organisms and inhibit their ability to reproduce. This essentially cuts off a contaminant’s ability to infect its host, and keeps you safe. All of this can be done in your air ducts, so you never even have to see the light at work!

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