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Radiant Heating Systems in Utica, NY

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Radiant heating is often more popular than conventional heating methods because they feel more comfortable. Radiant heat radiates through objects, including your body, to make your home feel cozy on a winter’s day. Trust NP Environmental for your next radiant heating installation or repair in Utica, NY.

  • A team of engineers
  • Staffed internally by experts
  • We offer transparent pricing

A competent team of professionals will go a long way in ensuring that your home stays comfortable and energy efficient. Check out some of our reviews to see just how capable we are!

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Radiant Heating Installation

Radiant heating installations come in all shapes and sizes. Your home needs to be calculated to determine how much water or electrical lines will need to be installed, and then we can move on to installing the bulk of the system. Our team is staffed with confident engineers who have plenty of experience in this field, so you can’t go wrong with us.

Radiant Heating Replacement

Compared to other conventional heating systems, radiant heating units are more durable and last longer. But they can still run into problems once they reach the end of their lifespans. Our team provides fast and effective radiant heating replacements for customers on every budget in Utica, NY.

Radiant Heating Repair

Our team offers quick and simple radiant heating repairs for customers that need them. Regardless of the age and condition of your boiler or electric radiant heating system, we can help. Why not schedule a radiant heating maintenance appointment to start out so we can keep your technology in good shape?

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