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Ground Source Heat Pumps in Utica, NY

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The most common and popular geothermal HVAC systems on the market are ground source heat pumps. This system can handle your yearly home comfort needs with remarkable efficiency, as long as you get it installed by NP Environmental in Utica, NY.

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We pride ourselves on being industry experts from start to finish–bringing high-tech geothermal solutions to homeowners with an interest in eco-friendly home comfort. We are your trusted and transparent geothermal experts!

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The Science of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Right beneath our feet lies the Earth’s crust, heated to a relative temperature range of 40-50°F. This ambient energy is not affected by weather patterns, the sun, or even the movement of water. That’s why it’s perfect for home heating.

Ground source heat pumps answer the age-old question of where the best place might be to get heat energy from. On your own property, you have all the heat you’ll need throughout the rest of the year, and with an all-electric pump, a ground source geothermal installation will provide it for you.

Benefits of Ground Source Heating

Here are just a few benefits of ground source heating:

  • Extremely high efficiency. Ground source heat pumps are multiple times more efficient than conventional heating appliances such as furnaces and boilers. They’re even more efficient than air source heat pumps.
  • Low maintenance and repair needs. Most of the sensitive geothermal equipment is sheltered from weather events such as storms and critters so they’re less likely to break down.
  • Powerful all-year round. No need to operate two separate air conditioning and heating units. A geothermal system like this will operate year-round with amazing efficiency the entire time.

Choose the Right Professional

These systems are so complex that you could be at risk if you try to provide ground source heat pump repair, maintenance, or installation all on your own. Our team is staffed full of engineers who can bring professional ground source heat pump maintenance or repairs that keep you satisfied.

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