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Dual Fuel Systems in Utica, NY

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For some homeowners in Utica, NY, a heat pump isn’t enough. Customers want the power of a gas furnace with the energy efficiency of a heat pump. Let NP Environmental introduce you to dual fuel systems, using technology that aims to give you the best of both worlds.

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Dual fuel systems are an excellent choice for powerful yet efficient heating in our area. They might be more expensive to install than conventional heating methods, but they can give homeowners on a modest budget incredible returns on energy efficiency.

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Dual Fuel System Installation

How does a dual fuel system installation work? For starters, you get access to an extremely efficient heat pump that keeps your home comfortable for the majority of the year. This is powered by electricity and works to keep your energy bills low.

Then when the temperature drops to extremely cold levels, a gas furnace component switches on to keep your home cozy during the winter, without having to deal with the efficiency problems associated with heat pumps.

Dual Fuel System Replacement

Since dual fuel systems are still forced-air heating elements, they don’t last forever. A dual fuel system replacement is required after 10-15 years, and our team can be the one to help you cross that bridge. Let us evaluate your HVAC system and give you our professional opinion.

Dual Fuel System Repair

We’re proud to offer 5-star dual fuel system repairs in Utica, NY, to the point where customers have us on speed dial. We even can bring you yearly dual fuel system maintenance to ensure your technology is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Proud Customer Testimonials

We had NPE install a Mitsubishi ASHP system last September and were very impressed with the entire company. Great company to work with!

- Bob B.

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