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Energy Recovery Ventilators in Utica, NY

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As your local team of engineers in Utica, NY, we can’t recommend enough the use of energy recovery ventilator systems to keep things efficient and comfortable in your home. NP Environmental specializes in ERV installation, repair, maintenance, and more!

  • A team of engineers
  • Staffed internally by experts
  • A company-wide focus on the customer

If you’ve ever wanted to open a window but feared your air conditioning or heating would leave your home and be wasted, then an energy recovery system is the unit for your home.

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ERV Installation

Even if you have the most energy-efficient HVAC system in the world, your indoor air will still feel stuffy and stale on the coldest or hottest days of the year. An ERV installation uses counterflow heat exchange to take outdoor fresh air and make it comfortable with extremely low levels of energy waste. This gives your Utica, NY home fresh air without the poor efficiency.

ERV Replacement

ERV systems can undergo a lot of stress during our harsh winters and hot summers, which means they’ll likely need replacement after 15 years of service. Our team can bring you ERV replacement that gets the job done.

ERV Repair

Don’t forget to call our team for expert ERV repair, as well as ERV maintenance so we can keep your technology working to your satisfaction.

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