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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Utica, NY

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Heat pump water heaters do an excellent job of keeping your water heater tank ready for your daily use without soaking up too much electricity. Work with the engineers and experts at NP Environmental in Utica, NY to get the most out of your water heating technology.

  • A company-wide focus on the customer
  • Transparent pricing
  • We thoroughly enjoy what we do!

If you’ve always been curious about heat pump water heater systems but you’ve been nervous because of a price tag, our transparent pricing can help you make the decision easily.

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Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

Heat pump water heater installations don’t work like conventional tank water heaters. They utilize the ambient heat energy from the atmosphere in your home to heat the water. This can work hand in hand with your HVAC system that heats your house.

These systems might sound impractical, but they’re actually the opposite. They’re effective for any home, run on electricity, they’re 200% more energy efficient than standard water heaters, and we install them within a day. Work with our team to get maximum returns, tax credits, and a $700 rebate with each hot water heater installation, and more on your new heat pump water heater.

Heat Pump Water Heater Replacement

Heat pump water heaters can go through a lot of wear and tear before they need to be replaced. But once your system reaches its 15th birthday, you’ll likely want to invest in a heat pump water heater replacement in Utica, NY.

Heat Pump Water Heater Repair

Need a quick fix? Our team can help! We provide targeted heat pump water heater repairs that alleviate the source of your problem. We’ll even come by on a yearly basis to perform routine heat pump water heater maintenance. Just schedule your first appointment with us via phone or online! Please note: we only repair heat pump water heaters–not all types of water heaters.

Proud Customer Testimonials

I couldn’t have had a better experience with NPE. I love my new Mitsubishi heating and cooling system. I recommend NPE highly to anyone looking.

- Clementine P.

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