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ASHP Cold Climate Ductless System

John & Maggie had a cold climate air source heat pump system installed in their urban home.

Categories: Ductless Systems
  • Location: New York Mills, NY
  • Year Completed: 2020

Meet the Reilly’s. John & Maggie are proud owners of their urban home surrounded by friendly neighbor’s in the village of New York Mills NY. After years of continued upgrades and improvements to their home such as new insulation, windows, and solar they were ready for a high efficiency hvac system and called us out in the summer of 2020 to have a look. The existing hvac system was a natural gas fired system.

When we first met with the Reilly’s to discuss available options, all technologies, especially air source and ground source heat pumps, were on the table. After assessing the heat load, existing distribution, property layout, and comfort requirements we narrowed the options down to a solution that made the most sense, a cold climate air source heat pump system. The Mitsubishi multi zone heat pump offered not only great efficiency and cost effectiveness, but also flexibility in the configuration of the distribution system. The system connects to wall and floor mounted ductless units throughout their home. Their system complements their commitment to sustainability and desire to be free from fossil fuels using the cleanest technology available.

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- Jean H.

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