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Geothermal Forced Air

Laurie had a two-zone Geothermal Forced Air system installed into her original childhood home, saving $2,708 annually.

Categories: Geothermal Forced Air
  • Location: Waterville, NY

Laurie decided to move back to her original childhood home where she grew up after being away for work many years. The original home was heated with an ancient hot water oil boiler. She prioritized efficiency, reliability, cooling, and a stable operating cost as she moved into retirement. She did a complete remodel of the house with new duct work and a two-zone system for control of the first and second floors. Our design team worked with Laurie and her general contractor to put together a system that met all her comfort needs including hot water while preserving the look she was after within the home. She chose performance monitoring with remote access to accommodate her travel needs throughout the year.

Annual Savings = $2,708.00

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